1. FAQ



What is SetupServer.io?

SetupServer.io is a platform for Developers as well as Non-Technical persons who wants to focus more on their productivity while worrying less about their servers and it’s security.

SetupServer.io provides a slick and easy-to-use interface for managing their Servers and Web Applications. We provide all major server configurations and tools to deploy and control your web application without using Command-Line Interface.

Which OS Servers you support?

As of now we support Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 16.10 (e.g. Droplet given by DigitalOcean.com, Linodes given by Linode.com, etc.)

Note: We dont support NAT VPS.

How free plan differs from premium plan?

You may find this information in detail on ourĀ Pricing Page. If you still have a question regarding which plan to choose, contact our Support.

Can I change my plan?

Partially Yes. You can Upgrade your plan anytime. But we dont allow downgrade option.

How long is your Billing Cycle?

SetupServer’s uses a standard billing cycle.

1 Month = 30 Days

1 Year = 365 Days

Can I transfer my funds to different account?

No, your funds are not transferable. If you are facing any major issues feel free to contact our Support.

Can I pay for my usage later?

Right now, we not providing postpaid services. For using our services you have to add funds beforehand and activate our plan which suits you the most.

How many applications can I deploy on a single server?

There is no such limits for deploying applications. You can deploy as many applications you want.

Before deploying check your server load and metrics to know your server limits.

How can I migrate my applications between two servers?

We provides a simple way to migrate your applications from one server to another. Just follow our Documentation – App Migration and you are good to go.

How much is the grace period after current plan ends?

Generally we will have 5-7 days grace periods. You will be notified via mail as soon as your plan is about to end. If you want to continue using our services, add funds to your account or else after the completion of gracing period you will be blocked out from premium services.