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cPanel, Plesk, HostGator Alternative

If you are thinking on using cPanel, Plesk or HostGator over SetupServer, here are some things worth considering.


SetupServer is a robust and secure server management panel for developers and businesses running PHP based applications on Cloud.

SetupServer focuses on

  • centralized platform (multi-server management)
  • security
  • usablity
  • PHP hosting
  • automated server upgrades
  • latest server technologies like PHP 7.1 and 1-click SSL


cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site.

It focuses on

  • email hosting
  • billing integration
  • reselling


Plesk’s control panel was designed to install and manage web hosting systems and applications on a single server. It was used by many companies for shared hosting.

Plesk focuses on

  • email hosting
  • reselling
  • billing integration
  • runs on Windows and Linux hosting accounts


Over the past decade, with the introduction of Cloud servers many developers and bussiness moved their hosting from crowded shared hosting to their own personalized Cloud servers.

Before 2005, many developers use shared hosting for hosting their websites because of the cost of having a personalized server was out of their budget. So at that time they prefered to use shared hosting so lower their developing cost. At that time, companies like HostGator became very popular

Companies like HostGator will manage costly physical servers and would charge to host your website on one of these servers alongside hundreds of other people’s websites. But after 2005, introduction to Cloud servers or virtual private servers changed this traditional shared hosting and people started moving to cloud for their own personalized environment.

Choosing between SetupServer and other control panels

If Security is your major concern, go with SetupServer as we provide firewall security along with complete app isolation feature. Recent years back, Plesk have suffered many security vulnerabilities.

If you are focused on hosting PHP applications, you should go with SetupServer for fast deployement of your applications. If you want to go for email hosting, you should better go with cPanel or Plesk or any other control panel.

But with new Cloud Servers and PHP hosting, you should rely on SetupServer. As it provides amazing features for hosting your app that even a non technical person can manage their servers with ease.

Updated on July 15, 2017

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