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Generate SSL from sslforfree.com

SSL for free generates free SSL Certificates for your domain. To generate your free SSL certificate, follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to https://sslforfree.com
  2. Enter your website Domain name click on Create Free SSL Certificate.
  3. Now, choose Automatic FTP Verification
  4. Fill out the following details to verify the domain and generate free SSL Certificate.
    • Type: Select SFTP from the dropdown list.
    • Host: Enter your Server IP address. For e.g., In my case, Server IP address is
    • Port: Enter your SFTP Port number. By default for SFTP it is 22, If you have changed your SFTP Port, enter your valid port number.
    • User: Enter username to access your server. For e.g., In my case the user is root
    • Password: Enter the password for root user.

      If you don’t have your server’s root user password you can get from your server provider. See our documentation – How to get Root User password
      If you still having a problem you can also access your SFTP with a valid SSH users, for more details visit our documentation – Manage SSH Users from Setupserver

    • Directory: Enter the following path – /opt/certbot/public/
  5. After filling out the form click on “Download Free SSL Certificate“.
  6. Your SSL Certificate is successfully generated. Download and Save your Certificate files by clicking on “Download All SSL Certificate Files“.

Now you can add this above-generated SSL certificate to your domain. To Enable SSL from SetupServer.io go see our documentation – Enable SSL from SetupServer.io and go to Custom SSL section and follow the steps.

Updated on August 1, 2017

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