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Manage Application Backup

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create, restore and delete your application backups.

First Login to your SetupServer.io Account. After that select your Server and Application for which you want to manage your Backups.

Go to “Backup / Restore” page from left-sided navigation bar to manage your backups.

Create Backup

To create a new backup for your application. Click on “Make Backup” button from Backup/Restore page.

Fill all the details and click on “Take Backup Now” button on the modal

Your new backup will be listed in the list below.

Now you can perform Restore and Delete operation anytime.

Note: This backup include application and its related databases. This is not a server backup, it is solely for the single app. You can make more backup for different apps from its own application dashboard.

Restore Backup

To restore previously created backup just click on “Restore” button beside Backup name that you wanted to restore.

Confirm your action by clicking on “Restore” button on modal.

Note: Always take new backup before restoring the previous ones, because Restore will completely delete the previous changes that you have made on your application. So before Restore make sure to take a fresh Backup.

Delete Backup

To Delete previously created backups, just click on “Delete” button beside Backup name.

Confirm your action by clicking on “Delete It!” button on the modal.

Note: Make sure you have your latest backup created before deleting all the previous ones, because once you delete the backup there is no way you can get it back.

Updated on July 15, 2017

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