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Root Guide

Every server has a root user having full control and all the privileges over the server. This user can do anything on the server and might be very dangerous.

Once you have connected to SetupServer.io you must not try to access your SSH or SFTP via root user credentials. Rather than this, you may access it via setupserver already created when you connect your server to SetupServer.io or else create a new SSH user from server dashboard. To find out how to create a new SSH user, see our documentation – Manage SSH Users from SetupServer

App Deployement

You must prevent using SSH or SFTP as root to create or upload any app files on server. Doing so, your apps may get permission issues and it won’t work correctly.

Rather than this, use SSH or SFTP using setupserver user or any other user that you have created through SetupServer for uploading your app files or edit your app files. This is not pose a issue regarding apps or user permissions.

Updated on July 10, 2017

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